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Two catering suggestions to follow if you want to have a laidback wedding

If you want your wedding to be informal and laidback, it's important to ensure that the food the wedding catering company serves is in keeping with this tone. Here are some tips to follow in this situation.

Request gourmet versions of your favourite junk food

Junk food is the ideal choice for a really laid-back wedding. However, because it's such a special occasion, it's important to ensure that the food you serve doesn't taste the same as the food your guests could buy for a few dollars at their local takeaway place. Instead, you should ask the wedding caterer to prepare gourmet versions of you and your partner's favourite junk food.

For example, if the two of you love cheeseburgers, the caterer could prepare burgers made of minced sirloin steak, with continental cheese such as gruyere and mozzarella, on freshly made brioche buns. Likewise, if you enjoy mass-made chocolate bars, the caterer could make fancy versions of them that feature the best available chocolate, along with things like homemade caramel and nougat. You could also have them set up a doughnut-making stand, where they deep-fry fresh doughnuts as and when your guests request them.

Don't bother serving the food in courses

It's best to tell your caterer not to prepare courses but to instead serve the food as a buffet. If your goal is for your wedding guests to have a very relaxing dining experience, then it's important to make sure they don't feel too restricted, in regard to what they eat, when they eat it or how they eat it. If you serve all the food at once, the guests who, for example, feel like having their dessert before their main savoury dish can do so, instead of having to wait until the end of the meal for the part of it that they most enjoy.

Likewise, those who don't want a big, hefty dinner can just pick up a few small pieces of whichever dishes take their fancy, instead of feeling obligated to finish three or four courses. Additionally, those who are hungry can have extra helpings, instead of having to put up with feeling unsatisfied by their meal. Finally, serving the food in this way will mean that people who eat quite slowly won't feel under pressure to finish certain dishes at the same time as those around them and can take breaks between eating certain foods if they need to.

For more information about your options for wedding catering, contact a local catering service.