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Essential Considerations for Outdoor Wedding Catering

When planning a wedding, you either choose an indoor or outdoor reception venue. Some people prefer an indoor reception venue because it protects guests from the elements. However, outdoor wedding reception venues are a growing trend, thanks to professional wedding caterers' ingenuity. Today, many wedding caterers can handle the different challenges that outdoor venues offer to ensure that your special day is fulfilling and memorable. However, you must make specific considerations for outdoor wedding catering.     

Assume the Worst Regarding the Weather

As much as previous patterns can help determine future weather conditions, it is difficult to predict whether it will rain or shine with 100% precision. Therefore, regardless of the time of year, you must hope for the best and prepare for the worst regarding the weather. Ensure that your wedding caterer has a backup location to prepare meals in case the skies open unexpectedly. If you are lucky, the wedding reception venue you hire should have an alternative indoor space should caterers find it impossible to set up, prepare, plate and stage food due to the weather.   

Match Catering Menu With the Weather

Most people do not know that the outdoor weather and environmental conditions can affect a wedding reception's dining experience. Thus, it is crucial to discuss your meal options with a caterer while keeping in mind the weather and immediate surroundings. For instance, if you plan to hold a wedding reception in a venue served by poor roads, a caterer must overcome several logistical challenges. In such a case, choosing labour-intensive and delicate menu items becomes expensive and difficult to set up. Ideally, you should let a wedding caterer recommend a menu that matches the weather the condition of a wedding venue. For example, cold snacks are suitable for a hot and humid wedding reception night, whereas hot beverages are ideal for a winter wedding.

Back-Up Power Source 

While outdoor wedding reception venues rely on natural light during the day, the same cannot be said for night events. Therefore, you must arrange for artificial sources of light, particularly for wedding caterers. However, you also need a backup power source just in case there is an unplanned power outage, which can affect the ability of caterers to prepare food. In case a venue cannot provide all your power needs, ensure that you have a portable generator with enough power to light up a reception area and the kitchen.