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Two tips for those who are planning their next Halloween party

If Halloween is one of your favourite nights of the year and you'd like to get a head start on planning your next spooky soiree, you might want to take a look at these tips.

Invest in some dry ice for the cooler in which you'll be putting your ice cream

If you're going to give your guests some Halloween-themed speciality ice cream (such as pumpkin-infused ice cream cones, for example) and you want to put this sweet treat in a cooler so that your guests can help themselves whenever they want to, then you should order some dry ice for this container. This will not only dramatically slow the speed at which the ice cream melts but will also add a wonderfully dramatic and ghostly-looking mist to an otherwise ordinary-looking container full of frozen desserts. If you want to draw attention to the appearance of the dry ice, you can shine a red or green light towards the cooler (whilst dimming the other lights in the room) to give the mist a ghoulishly green or blood-red tint.

If you decide to use this speciality product, make sure you put a long-handled set of tongs beside the cooler so that when a guest wants ice cream, they do not have to reach down into the container and come into contact with the dry ice. This will ensure that your guests can pick up their treat in a safe manner. Look for dry ice in a store near you to set this up. 

Give your guests to some luxurious-but-eerie speciality foods

Lots of people stick to classic Halloween treats when hosting parties on this occasion. This might include ghost-shaped meringues, cupcakes with zombies and witches on them, and marshmallows decorated to look like bats. Whilst there is nothing wrong with using eerie-looking foods (in fact, this can make a Halloween party even more fun), you might want to go beyond the usual standard Halloween fare and offer your guests a few more luxurious, speciality items with a slightly spooky twist.

For example, you could dot the whites of a few hard-boiled eggs with some decadent caviar, to make these hors d'oeuvres look like a collection of eyeballs. Similarly, you could order some artisanal biscotti and attach a candied almond to the tip of each one (using a strawberry sauce to adhere it) to create some creepy-looking fingers. Opting for these high-end foods will ensure that your guests are wowed not only by the food's delightfully frightful appearance but also by its incredible flavour.